Thoughts about backup of personal stuff

Lately, I’ve been thinking about backup of my personal stuff. Things I know I always want to have at hand. My fiance has been talking about it for some time now but it might have been the death of my […]
2014-10-18 09_45_14-Program Manager

Free software KVM

Use one mouse and keyboard for several computers? And without having to buy a KVM switch or any other hardware solution? If you’re in a Microsoft environment, this might be for you. At home I have 3 screens, shared between […]

Greenshot: Last print screen program you’ll ever need

I’d like to start this post by saying that I’ve never, ever even imagined downloading a program to handle print screen. I’d just press print screen, open mspaint and paste it in there and crop out the part that I […]

Bionics of the future is already here

This is by far one of the best TED talks that I’ve seen and it certainly inspires hope for the future. Hugh Herr, a professor at MIT, shows in this video where biomechatronics is headed by not only showing examples […]